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Calling all fandom! With ~24 hours to go before the Supernatural Season 6 Finale, I think it's time for...


Think about what makes your Supernatural heart tick, and put those reasons out in the open. Let loose, express your love and your glee and your secret SPN-related delights.

The key? Be as specific as possible. Don't say things like, "I love me some hot leads" or "demons/angels/ghosts are cool" or "nifty props." That gets you a head nod, a quiet flutter of applause, perhaps. Dig deeper: "J2's chemistry really shows up on screen--especially when _____...") And it doesn't mean you have to get all meta and technical! Just specific: 4x02, "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester." The idea of Bobby making Sam and Dean sleep on the couch/floor is totally endearing to me. :DD

These are the kinds of commentaries you get in obscure comment threads, or maybe in AIM windows, but there really isn't a collective place for them on LJ (to my knowledge)--especially for non-current episodes.

What Else? PICS. MACROS. GIFS. FICLETS. FIC RECS. ICONS. SKETCHES. VIDS. VID RECS. CANON VIDEO CLIPS. Start the love off with any kind of multimedia expression, or comment back to deck out someone else's with glorious pretties!


To connect. To open yourself. To archive. To express. To reawaken. To find kindred spirits. To come out of the closet. To bask in the (un)holy wonder that is OUR EPIC FANDOM.

Post Script

+ This is a SAFE SPACE for all kinks, fancies, little things of little consequence that you love anyway. I'm sure everyone has their skepticisms, reservations, or complaints, but this is not the place for them.

+ Can't think of anything? Read the meme! Build on your peers, or branch off. If someone digs Mary-as-Eve in the diner in 6x19, maybe it will inspire you to comment on how much you love Rufus. Or hell, maybe it'll make you nostalgic for Winchester-pure S1 MotWs--put it out there! (Just don't actively criticize S4/5/6 in the process. Save that for your journal! :P)

+ Though this comm promotes squee relating to anything SPN (fandom activities, fic, art, RPF, etc.), this particular meme is hyping up the S6 finale, so please keep your squee canon-centric. Commentary on the cast/crew as related to their roles on the show ("I love Ben Edlund's episodes because..." or "Jim Beaver does SUCH a good job in such-and-such a scene...")

+ THIS IS A SPOILER-FREE ZONE FOR ALL INFORMATION CONCERNING 6x21 and 6x22. The rest of the series is fair game.


Spread the love, peace out, and pluck those heartstrings!
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This moment:


And the whole episode, because I love westerns. And Dean going all fangirl over it.
D'awwwwwwwwww <33333333

I love --

going all out.


Can I have some?

If I lived in the same city as you, I would be all, pushing for marathons with elaborate themed snackage. JSYK.
I will never forget how it felt to watch this that first time:

Smoke on the Water has since taken on a lot of personal meaning to me outside of SPN, but this came first, and whatever my personal connection with the song, I'll always think of Dean first. In a lot of ways, it means the same thing to this scene as it does to me. ♥

Rock on.
Augh! You have so many of my favourite parts done up as, "click here to skip straight to the sexiness." Awwwwesome.
I'm a little late to the party, but I have favorite things! I have lots of them, in fact. :D

Jensen's face when they pour the confetti on them in 3.03. He just looks like it's Chrisbirthhappydayapalooza.

The moment that Dean gets shot in 5.16, and the title card comes up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkVAWMJ_wHM&feature=related

When Ellen breaks out the whiskey in 2.05.

The way that the boys hardly ever really touch each other, but when they do, it's just GLORIOUS. All of the hugging. The epic intense hugging. I could watch it forever.

RUBY. I love that demonic bitch to death and resurrection.

Dean's torture session with Alastair in 4.16. I love how hoarse Jensen's voice is throughout the ep, but beyond that, just the way you can see how broken he is, and in so many ways.
I hadn't really noticed that (I haven't rewatched S5 yet) but that is really cool how they segue right from the shotgun going off to the blood exploding in the title card!

The way that the boys hardly ever really touch each other, but when they do, it's just GLORIOUS. All of the hugging. The epic intense hugging. I could watch it forever.

Yep. They only ever hug when one of them has died and has been brought back to life. Luckily for us, that happens at least once or twice a season. :)
God, the torture session in 4x16. The intensity of that was absolutely phenomenal. I'm convinced they ripped a lot of the camerawork out of Silence of the Lambs, TO GREAT EFFECT. <333 Add Jensen/Dean and Alistair to that equation and oh goddddddddddd.

And I adore Ellen in general, but I've always had a soft spot for her little breaking out the whiskey scene. XDD And now you've made me want to rewatch 5x16, gdiiiiiii :D
I did not see that coming.

But you know what I hate? I hate hellatus. Now we have to wait four months to see how the boys will deal with this new problem. (Iz being purposefully vague for those who have not seen it yet.)
AGREED. Saw a lot of possibilities, and one in particular, but Show completely surprised me and I love how it can do that. Hell, even when I do know what's going to happen there are always more surprises in store.

*is being vague too*
Wanna hear something really sad?
I'm such a n00b
I just started to watch Supernatural at the beginning of may
in that time I've seen every episode so far (some even multiple times-_-)
Seriously though I just love every thing about it, it's just great...like omg I'll never get tired of this great lol
Yay I'm not the only noob! I haven't even seen it all yet, but it's everything I want in a show! XD


6 years ago


6 years ago


6 years ago

I love when they're all coming and going at Bobby's place -- any time. I know that them having a home base runs contrary to that whole man on the road thing, but I love the strange sense of normalcy (hanging at surrogate!dad's house, having a beer) with the totally bizarre (reading about purgatory in a book made of human flesh).
YES! And the decor in Bobby's house is excellent. It's nice that they have some kind of home base, as you said (esp now that the Roadhouse is long gone), though I do love them on the road.
Am I too late? :/

While watching the finale I was just overwhelmed with love for the moment in season 5 when they first meet Crowley and try to shoot him, and he just gives them this blank look and is like "oh, right, ammo"
I just love Crowley so much in general.
WELL OKAY ACTUALLY I just love like every Supernatural villain ever. YED, Meg, Alistair, Crowley, Zachariah, Soulless!Sam if that counts. Best ever.
Love is never too late!!

Oh, Crowley; he's so snarkily awesome. XP I'm glad he'll still be around (or so I assume). I assume he's off banging Meg. Because who doesn't want to bang Meg? <3333333 8DDDD


6 years ago


6 years ago

:DD Favorite episode along with Frontierland. ♥
♥ ♥

Favorite episode along with Frontierland meaning the finale, I gather? :DDD
I am LOVING the LOVE! Thank you everyone for posting - y'all made me happier than Dean in pie heaven!!
LOL, love your icon.

And yes! Me too! All of the love in this meme seriously just floored me. Awesome turnout, but more than that--thorough. And I think that more than anything shows a lot. gdi, SPN. <333333333333
I'm pretty late to this party but this is my ficlet to help pinpoint a smidgen of my love for Supernatural:

The road will never end. They know this. Every now and then when Dean looks in the rear view mirror he sees a string of memories, fading into the carefully kept files of his mind. Inside his head he can travel the concrete stripes of America and see the bar where he had his first drink, the motel where they stayed on that water spirit hunt, the cemetery where they almost got caught on a salt and burn.

The road will never end because it's where they have built their lives. They can tell which motels will be cheap but bearable. They know if a diner will have the right food for their warring demands. The things they own are tailored to the ease of mobility and restricted to the necessary. Every part of them bears the scars of this life from Dean's crooked smile at the roar of his Baby to Sam's quiet love of Metallica (not that he would ever mention it).

The road will never end because the Impala will always carry her wayward sons. She will never give up, never let them down. She carries the imprints of their life on her insides and they know every crease of her leather. She has held them together from the beginning and she will carry them to the end.

The road will never end because this is where they belong. Sam doesn't talk about the nights in Stanford when he closed his eyes and dreamed of the Impala's rumble and Dean's teasing insults. He doesn't mention the days when the smallest things reminded him of the world he had left behind. He doesn't think about the painful yearning that settled underneath his heart, solid as concrete and as old as the creak of the Impala's doors.

The road will never end because they can never leave. The Winchesters are two parts of a whole, two souls sharing space in the world. They will meet others along the way, share smiles with friends but they will flake eventually as autumn draws near. Then, when their winter sun is fading, they will wonder when their lives became their life.
This is really beautiful. ♥ ♥ An excellent example of everything that cannot be said of the Winchesters and their long, long road--only demonstrated (and lived).

Thank you for sharing this! No love is too late here. :)


6 years ago

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