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SPN Fandom Love Meme 2014!

Calling all fandom! In honor of SPN fandom's Day of Love, we are hosting a SPN Fandom Love Meme!



Think about what makes your Supernatural heart tick, and put those reasons out in the open. Let loose, express your love and your glee and your secret SPN-related delights. This means both canon and fandom.

What are your favorite micro-moments in SPN? Your favorite mytharcs? Characters? Quotes? BTS pics/clips? Your favorite fanworks challenge? The best thing that's happened to you via fandom? The coolest thing someone's ever made for you--for an auction, for a meme, a challenge, just because… Your favorite fandom hangout? Maybe you've got insta-notifs set up for a comm, or regularly Tumble through a certain tag for hours. Do you have a favorite trope you've discovered through SPN? A favorite fanwork? Do you love it when you're randomly threading with someone in the comments, and then you realize you're actually best friends why aren't you Friended yet? Do you bookmark every single one of those "SPN fandom has a gif for goddamn everything" posts? Is RPF wombat porn just that fucking sexy? No matter how big or how small, if something stokes your positivity, let it shine!

What Else? PICS. MACROS. GIFS. FICLETS. RECS. ICONS. SKETCHES. VIDS. CLIPS. TWEETS. Feel free to treat this as a friending meme, also.


To connect. To open yourself. To archive. To express. To reawaken. To find kindred spirits. To laugh, to fall in love, to screech with truly unfettered glee. To bask in the (un)holy wonder that is OUR EPIC FANDOM.

Post Script

+ This is a SAFE SPACE for all kinks, fancies, little things of little consequence that you love anyway. I'm sure everyone has their skepticisms, reservations, or complaints, but this is not the place for them. Remember that this is a positivity meme: There's nothing wrong with having negative thoughts, and it's not some ~grave sin to be upset; but this is the place to focus on the happy. (Uh, "happy" here also includes "I WAS SO EMOTIONALLY DESTROYED BY [episode] I'M STILL NOT OVER IT; I LOVE IT." Hey, it's SPN. XD) If you're not feeling the love, maybe someone else's will inspire you. And if that doesn't do the trick, the weather outside might be great; and there are tons of jellyfish videos on YouTube. I've also heard that cookies the size of your head work wonders. ;)

+ This meme is meant to celebrate squee relating to anything SPN, especially fandom activities. If you love that fandom sends cookies to the crew, say so! If you supported that 200th Episode flyover (either on Kickstarter, or just in spirit), say to! If you're excited for GISHWHES, tell it to the world! If you love spn_j2_bigbang and all the work that goes into modding, writing, and arting for it, holla~ If you've done something in fandom that makes you really fucking proud, or if someone else's fan creation has, at some point, meant the world to you, then be proud! Tell the world! Share the love. <3


+ If you want to comment with spoilers that concern either the plots/conceits of fanworks or SPN canon beyond 9x23, please use a spoiler cut: <lj-spoiler>SPOILER HERE</lj-spoiler>


Spread the love, peace out, and pluck those heartstrings!

Past Memes: 2010 | 2011 | (whoops, it's been a while!)
Tags: !mod, orgy of love, shenanigans
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