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Calling all fandom! With ~24 hours to go before the Supernatural Season 6 Finale, I think it's time for...


Think about what makes your Supernatural heart tick, and put those reasons out in the open. Let loose, express your love and your glee and your secret SPN-related delights.

The key? Be as specific as possible. Don't say things like, "I love me some hot leads" or "demons/angels/ghosts are cool" or "nifty props." That gets you a head nod, a quiet flutter of applause, perhaps. Dig deeper: "J2's chemistry really shows up on screen--especially when _____...") And it doesn't mean you have to get all meta and technical! Just specific: 4x02, "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester." The idea of Bobby making Sam and Dean sleep on the couch/floor is totally endearing to me. :DD

These are the kinds of commentaries you get in obscure comment threads, or maybe in AIM windows, but there really isn't a collective place for them on LJ (to my knowledge)--especially for non-current episodes.

What Else? PICS. MACROS. GIFS. FICLETS. FIC RECS. ICONS. SKETCHES. VIDS. VID RECS. CANON VIDEO CLIPS. Start the love off with any kind of multimedia expression, or comment back to deck out someone else's with glorious pretties!


To connect. To open yourself. To archive. To express. To reawaken. To find kindred spirits. To come out of the closet. To bask in the (un)holy wonder that is OUR EPIC FANDOM.

Post Script

+ This is a SAFE SPACE for all kinks, fancies, little things of little consequence that you love anyway. I'm sure everyone has their skepticisms, reservations, or complaints, but this is not the place for them.

+ Can't think of anything? Read the meme! Build on your peers, or branch off. If someone digs Mary-as-Eve in the diner in 6x19, maybe it will inspire you to comment on how much you love Rufus. Or hell, maybe it'll make you nostalgic for Winchester-pure S1 MotWs--put it out there! (Just don't actively criticize S4/5/6 in the process. Save that for your journal! :P)

+ Though this comm promotes squee relating to anything SPN (fandom activities, fic, art, RPF, etc.), this particular meme is hyping up the S6 finale, so please keep your squee canon-centric. Commentary on the cast/crew as related to their roles on the show ("I love Ben Edlund's episodes because..." or "Jim Beaver does SUCH a good job in such-and-such a scene...")

+ THIS IS A SPOILER-FREE ZONE FOR ALL INFORMATION CONCERNING 6x21 and 6x22. The rest of the series is fair game.


Spread the love, peace out, and pluck those heartstrings!
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